New requirements to book a tour

Due to an incline of missed posts from authors, we have decided to put more requirements on tours.

In order to book a tour you must provide us with a number of guest blogs. This will be used to send to hosts if you have not sent your stuff in on time. The number of blogs depends on the tour size you are using.

  • Two week tour – 3 blogs are required
  • One Month tour – 6 blogs are required
  • Two month tour – 10 blogs are required
  • Three month tour – 12 blogs are required
  • Multi book tour over six months – 15 blogs are required

A small number of authors are ruining things for everyone and this is the only way to prevent the situation from snowballing out of control.

We apologize that this has to be put in effect. This is the best way to avoid missed spots.

These blog posts are required before we book the tour spots.

Also the stuff for each spot is due no later than two weeks before the scheduled date. If the stuff is not received Sizzling PR has the right to use the supplied blogs posts or cancel the spot.


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