Hurricane Sandy

Sandy is heading towards the East Coast as most of you know, and will be hitting my area. It is possible that we will lose power/internet and I’m taking a number of precautions. I have been working to get things done throughout the weekend both personally and for Sizzling PR. However time is running out and I haven’t been able to finish the final touches on Sizzling Scoop yet. If we lose power it is possible it won’t go up on November 1st, but it will go up as soon as I can.

Please bear with me if my replies are slow I will be doing what I can, when I can. My assistants Heather and Miranda are in different areas and shouldn’t have the issues I’ll be dealing with. If anything arises that cannot wait please contact Heather ( She will do her best to help you and I’ll be in contact with her as long as I have cell phone service (and charge on the cell phone).

Thank you for your patience.


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