After spending years working as a reviewer and in marketing with different publishers Marissa Dobson decided to start Sizzling PR. She started Sizzling PR because she enjoys helping authors network and promote their work.

Reading has always been very special to her and is something she spends a lot of time doing. Growing up Marissa was told time after time that when it came to work she had to find something she loved doing. Now as an adult, she has a job she loves and realizes it was the best piece of advice she received.

Doing what she love doing is good for you too, because it means you’ll have more time to write. You won’t have to chase down sites to host you for an interview, or find people willing to review your books. Sizzling PR will do it for you.

The purpose of Sizzling PR is to prove a stress-free way to help authors promote their work. Now a days many publishing houses are getting away from providing promotional opportunities for authors, leaving it to fall on the authors shoulders. Sizzling PR is here to take away the burden from authors. We are also here to help self-published author meet their goals.

Marissa have been doing marketing for publishers for some time now and she know what it takes to get your book out there to readers and bloggers.

If you are interested in hiring Sizzling PR to market your work please email us at marissa@sizzlingpr.com

If you are interested in being a host for Sizzling PR please email us at marissa@sizzlingpr.com


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